Lite sholawat build at the end of december 2021.  We give the web name with Lite sholawat because the web only disscous about prophet nabiy muhammad saw and prayer to him.

This website tells about various kinds of sholawat of the prophet, the habits of the prophet and the life story of the prophet as well as Islam.

we muslims love peace and also love, we think prophet muhammad is the perfect role model of adab, attitude, morals and all.

Therefore, we discuss him here, hoping that many people can benefit from what he teaches on this website.

On this website, all of them also discuss with each other, share knowledge and also interesting experiences.

ABUT US (Litesholawat.com)
  • Web founder              : Fikri adam sahensyah s.ars
  • establish                      : end of december 2021
  • nanny / web admin   : Fikri adam sahensyah
  • Location                      : Dukuhwaru, Tegal regency, Central Java
  • Situs web                    : litesholawat.com
  • Affilasi                         : about moral and education

Admin WEB litesholawat.com

Fikri Adam Sahensyah S.ARS

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